Artist’s Statement

Jiali Mai is a Chinese Fine Artist and Photographer. She graduated from the Photography Bachelor Honours Degrees of the Kingston School of Art University in the United Kingdom in 2019 and obtained the Upper second-class Honours. She is currently studying her fine art Postgraduate Degrees at the Chelsea College of Art University in the United Kingdom. 


She is a London based artist working with performance, photography and moving images. Her work focuses on issues of the future of human being’s interaction with Artificial Intelligence, the connection between the Internet and society creates performance art works that satirize society and the nature of human beings based on the current situation, culture identity, and female representation. She likes to explore the inner boundaries of women and men, through portraiture, abstract photography and performance.


In Jiali Mai's works, the works she wants to present are all related to society. Combining her background and the combination of Asian and Western cultures, her creative theory is dedicated to breaking traditional definitions. In the current situation, her works show satirical society and explore the authenticity of the Internet. She uses her body language to express her dissatisfaction with today's hypocritical news reports, absurd political factors, and impetuous social phenomena.

Curriculum Vitae




MA in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, London, UK.


Graduation diploma in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, London, UK.


BA in Photography, Kingston School of Art, Kingston University of London, London, UK.


Diploma in Photography, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, Cambridge, UK.


Foundation in Art & Design, Bellerbys College Brighton, Brighton, UK.


Alevel in Fine Art, Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate, Yorkshire, UK.

Professional Experience

Interview with Guo Yingguang, 2019

Interview with a fine art photographer Guo Yingguang exploring how she used performance art to explored social problems of contemporary China.

London Fashion Week Fall/ Winter, 2019

Commissioned by izzue, Nethany Williams and On|Off to shot fashion photographic.

London Fashion Week Men's, 2019

Commissioned by JORDSNLUCA, ICEBERG, bobby abley, Saul|Nash(LUAS), Liam Hodges and St-Henri to shot fashion look.

Spring Studio, Shanghai, China, 2018

Summer internship as a photographer in Spring Studio, Shanghai, China working with photographers subs as Liang Xiu, Tina & Luya and Hao Xin.

Jewellery Design, Birmingham City University, 2017

Commissioned by jewellery design BA students at Birmingham City University to shoot final works.

Personal Tutorials with TenGuSan, 2016

Interviewed and personal tutorial with a fine art photographer TenGuSan exploring how he used Polaroid to explored identity, community and sexual photography.

HONORE, 2016

Commissioned by HONORE to shot commercial photographic.

Vision Photography Competition, China, 2015

Winner of third prize in national photography competition organised by a multimedia copy called Vision.

Bilibili, China, 2014-prsent

I have my own channel in Bilibili which is a video sharing website in China.



Photo book named "Terminus".


Photo book named "Residue".

Selected Projects:

Don't call me, I'm on holiday. 2020-2021

The relationship between fantasy and reality based on the current situation.

Immortality? 2019-2020

Defining the development of postmodernism and future society.

Mx. 2019-2020

In the future world, human transformation is a common way among people.

Regulation 2018-19

My project is about Chinese women arranged marriages and pseudo intimacy between husbands and wives victims of such marriages.

Unconscious is Alive 2018-19

My project is about nightmares. About my subconscious and the way my fears and anxieties manifest themselves in my dreams.

Terminus 2017

Looked for the edge of the city and explored the vague impression of the city of London. It is very different form the stereotype of the most people in the urban fringe.

Identity 2017

My project is about identity, I used Polaroid to shoot portraits.

Residue 2016

My project is about Chinese female's memories of theirs past relationship.

Key Technical Skills:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effect